Golden Etches Beauty

With a penchant for the dramatic and gilded, I find myself swaying to the ethereal side of the spectrum. Beauty is my muse and inspiration. Passion is everything.
One Direction & Fall Out Boy

—Diana, We're Going Down (Mashup)


in case you have forgotten this exists.

Diana, We’re Going Down - One Direction & Fall Out Boy

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i was tagged to do the “post 5 facts about yourself” by mormonreedus

1. I always eat popcorn with chopsticks

2. My hidden insecurity is my hands

3. My dream vacation is driving across Iceland

4. I want to build a tiny home one day

5. If you tickle me I will hold a grudge indefinitely



oh your girlfriend has double D’s? thats cool i guess but my girlfriend has triple A’s

AAA batteries

my girlfriend is a vibrator


so apparently the appropriate response when seeing a new baby is “aw how cute” rather than “do i pet it or what”

how was i supposed to know that


me trying to be sexy: how do you like my sock tan oh yeah you like that